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How to deal with difficult coworkers

By Justice Abbott on Oct 18, 2022 2:45:21 PM

I just started a new job, and everything's been great... except for one thing. I have one very difficult coworker. I just cannot seem to get along with this person and I find myself feeling upset just thinking about interacting with him. Do you have any advice for dealing with difficult coworkers?

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Managing Back-to-School Stress as a Caregiver

By Justice Abbott on Sep 1, 2022 3:03:58 PM

My daughter is starting kindergarten and my son is starting 3rd grade next week - it's safe to say, I'm panicking a bit. I see tons of stuff offering help and tips for students to successfully transition back to school but do you have anything for the parents? For me, my child heading to school feels like a transition for both of us. I definitely allow myself to get consumed by the stress of preparing for the new school year. Do you have any tips to help me deal with my own back-to-school stress?

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Emotional dysregulation... what's that?

By Justice Abbott on May 13, 2022 10:02:47 AM

Lately, I find myself having a short fuse in situations that normally wouldn't cause me to get upset. Just the other day, I couldn't find where I left my keys and I became so frustrated that I snapped at my wife. I apologized but I felt pretty bad about it. I think these heightened emotions have something to do with my stress from work as I have a large project I'm working on. Frankly, I've been pretty overwhelmed with managing all the elements of this project. I can tell my temper is starting to affect the people around me. Is something wrong with me?

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