Technology fatigue problems

Learn how to transition smoothly.,gain comfort with new systems.,use tools for productivity.

Successful people adapt to new systems and methods smoothly. In fast-paced environments, executive function skills can help prevent feeling overwhelmed by expectations for rapid proficiency.


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Does this sound familiar?

You have been working for the same company for 15 years, and while it feels like you know the place inside and out, it also feels like you sometimes can’t keep up. The email system has been updated, the file sharing system has been redesigned, and Zoom meetings are suddenly the norm. The rapid pace of new technology is overwhelming and intimidating. Trying to keep track of information from email messages and locating documents in a timely fashion during meetings has you feeling like you’re a beat behind many of your colleagues. On most days, you’re lamenting the fact that so many things have changed so quickly.

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Consequences of poor adaptation to new methods

While it may feel challenging to keep up with technological advancements, the consequences of avoidance can create even more significant challenges: 

  • Your colleagues are likely to see you as incompetent, or unable to learn, and thus you’re passed over for important projects and promotions
  • As you coworkers embrace new technologies, you may develop a sense of inadequacy, leading to cycles of self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and possibly depression
  • Active resistance towards new technologies can lead to a cycle of continued avoidance; the longer you put off learning the harder it will be to eventually initiate exploration of new tools, thus creating a vicious cycle of frustration and fear. 

How do worksmart coaches help clients with technology fatigue problems?

Coaches help to identify and customize tools for you, depending upon your preferences and specific challenges. From making a specific plan to use new strategies and tools to following up with you to increase accountability for the improvements you want to see, our coaches will reflect with you to identify wins, understand roadblocks, and revise plans to help you move towards success. Our coaches can support you in managing your technology fatigue by:

  • Evaluating the consequences of technology aversion in order to develop new mindsets and approaches towards habit changing 
  • Assessing the cost of technology fatigue in order to prioritize which new technologies are essential to learn (and which you can still avoid) 
  • Developing ways of advocating to your boss or colleagues for the support you need to effectively learn new technologies in order to effectively do your job