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Many working professionals don't achieve the levels of productivity and effectiveness they're capable of. This can indicate underlying executive function challenges. 


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Learn to Replace Procrastination with Productivity

Does this sound familiar?

You have to put together a presentation for a customer next week, and while you know it’s an important task, it’s also not your idea of a fun project. You get the slides set up with the company theme, make the title page, and draft up the agenda. As you begin working on slide three, you get stuck. You’re not sure if you should show the data first, or the rationale behind the proposal you’re pitching. You type up both versions but then delete them. To alleviate the stress of deciding, you navigate away from the project and opt for a more pleasant task: checking your Twitter feed. After some time goes by, you come back to the PowerPoint but you’re still feeling stuck. At this point you figure it’s best to put it off for a day or two. When five days go by and you haven’t returned it yet, you remind yourself that you’ll work better under pressure and decide to save it for the night before the customer meeting.

Procrastination is the thief of productivity

Consequences of Poor Productivity

While the immediate consequences might actually seem like benefits (avoiding a non-preferred task and indulging in something you actually do enjoy), there are both immediate and long-term consequences that result from productivity problems: 

  • While you may feel more focused while working under pressure, last-minute work routinely results in lower-quality work as there’s no time for revision of initial, less-robust ideas
  • Despite actively deciding to do the work later, having a non-preferred task hanging over you can lead to increased stress as you’re continually thinking about it
  • Your sleep and health can be compromised with late-night and last-minute intense working sessions -- and this can also complicate relationships at home 
  • Poor output on projects can lead to poor performance reviews, resulting in you missing out on promotions or potentially losing your job. 

How do WorkSmart coaches help clients with productivity problems?

Coaches help to identify and customize tools for you, depending upon your preferences and specific challenges. From making a specific plan to use new strategies and tools to following up with you to increase accountability for the improvements you want to see, our coaches will reflect with you to identify wins, understand roadblocks, and revise plans to help you move towards success. To optimize your productivity and combat procrastination, our coaches can support you in:

  • Analyzing the root causes of procrastination -- such as perfectionism -- in order to develop appropriate strategies for productivity
  • Exploration and support with tools and techniques to improve focus, manage challenging tasks, and avoid reliance on ineffective coping mechanisms
  • Identifying procrastination triggers to enable to you be proactive in response to them