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Many adults battle to maintain focus and attention. Oftentimes, this points to underlying Executive Function challenges.


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Does this sound familiar?

Picture this: You’ve been staring at that spreadsheet for the past 40 minutes and you can’t seem to make headway on the report that’s due on your boss’s desk in the morning. To quell your mounting anxiety, you open up a tab on Amazon - or read one or two quick sports updates - and before you know it, it’s 4:00 and you’re no closer to completing your work than you were when you sat down at your desk. Sound familiar?

Focus is the cornerstone of self-management.

Your ability to sustain your focus is part of the constellation of self-management skills collectively known as Executive Function. These brain-based skills take a long time to develop. Over the course of your first 25 or so years of life, these abilities slowly come online. As adults, some of us just naturally have a good capacity to maintain our focus while others have trouble. Sometimes it’s because of differences like having ADHD or other conditions that impact concentration. Regardless of how you got there, lacking this essential ability will hurt you professionally and personally.

Consequences of poor focus

When you can’t find a way to concentrate and be productive, you send a message to others that you probably don’t intend to. Your supervisor and colleagues can get the impression that you:
          Don’t care about this job 
          Don’t care about this project 
          This work isn’t important
Those inadvertent messages have serious consequences, too. Imagine the outcomes for your career and overall well-being when:
  • You are not seen as the go-to player on the team, leading to fewer promotions and raises
  • Colleagues may not want to work with you 
  • You try to cope with excessive caffeine or stimulants 
  • You feel anxious and depressed about not accomplishing what you’d like to

How do WorkSmart coaches help clients with focus problems?

Coaches help to identify and customize tools for you, depending upon your preferences and challenges. We help you make a specific plan to use new strategies and follow up with you to help you be accountable for the improvements you want to see. Your coach will reflect with you to identify where you had wins and why you had roadblocks. You see your progress alongside your coach, who is deeply invested in your success.

Your coach will work with you to:

  • Identify your optimal focus environment and times
  • Establish a toolkit of focus-enhancing apps that you can apply in different circumstances
  • Distinguish between internal and external distractions and make a plan to minimize their effects on your productivity