Learn how to manage your time and plan wisely

Learn how to manage your time.,plan thoughtfully., prioritize your tasks.,say "no" to distractions.

Managing your time, planning your work and life, and prioritizing what you do are some of the most valuable executive function skills an effective person can possess. 



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Manage Your Time to Maximize Your Effectiveness

Does this sound familiar?

You have two projects at work that are due by the end of the week. One is more enjoyable to work on, so you tackle that first. While engaged in the project, you lose sense of what time it is and before you know it you’re 10 minutes late to bringing your daughter to swim practice. You rush out the door, stay through practice, and fly home. You decide to push off the less enjoyable project until tomorrow afternoon, believing there will be plenty of opportunity to tackle it then. But when the time comes to get going, you quickly realize that it’s a bit more complicated than you anticipated, and you finally resign yourself to settling into a late night of work. 

Time management is a critical component of task management


Failure to develop an understanding of the relationship between time and tasks can lead to a host of problems:

  • Perpetual cycles of panic and stress when binge-working or running late can lead to longer-term health issues such as acute stress, anxiety, and perpetual fatigue
  • Embarrassment when you arrive late -- and acute guilt when it affects others -- can lead to compromised relationships
  • Incomplete or inadequate projects rushed up to the deadline can lead to fewer promotions and raises as your competency is questioned


Coaches help to identify and customize tools for you, depending upon your preferences and specific challenges. From making a specific plan to use new strategies and tools to following up with you to increase accountability for the improvements you want to see, our coaches will reflect with you to identify wins, understand roadblocks, and revise plans to help you move towards success. For time management support, our coaches can collaborate with you on: 

  • Utilizing specific apps and tools to increase time awareness and improve project planning 
  • Improving estimation of time needed for tasks 
  • Developing methods for handling unexpected scenarios which compromise available time