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What to expect from coaching


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Our coaching provides an effective and private 45 or 60-minute weekly virtual experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.


Typical coaching sessions include:

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  • Checking in

  • Reviewing the previous week

  • Prioritizing the session

  • Working on new skills

  • Establishing commitments

  • Following up 


Our 4-step process

Our 4-step process



What happens during a coaching session?

During meetings with your coach, you’ll have the opportunity to set the priorities for what matters most. Have an upcoming project for work? Your coach can help you strategize how to break it down into manageable pieces. Need a new organizational system for emails? Your coach can introduce approaches you can implement right away. Need support with your procrastination problems? Your coach can help you identify barriers to getting started, explain a variety of tools and techniques, assist you in evaluating which ones are best suited to your working style, and then help you get to work trying them out.




What happens between sessions?

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While during your sessions you will learn new tools, modify approaches, and reflect with your coach, you'll gain accountability when you’re putting new tools, apps, and strategies to use between sessions. That’s why our coaches communicate with you via text, email, or phone call to check in on how things are going, offer encouragement, and provide problem-solving support as you strengthen your skills.

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Four steps to effective coaching

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