What to expect from executive function coaching sessions

What to expect from our executive function coaching program

Our Executive Function Coaching Program

WorkSmart Coaching has been helping professional adults be their best selves for years. We've developed a coaching program that is a game-changer for people's professional (and personal) lives. Working one-on-one, our approach to coaching is tailored to your needs.

What happens during a coaching session?

During virtual face-to-face time with your coach, you’ll have the opportunity to set the priorities for what matters most. Have an upcoming project for work? Your coach can help you strategize how to break it down into manageable pieces. Need a new organizational system for emails? Your coach can introduce approaches you can implement right away. Need support problem solving your procrastination problems? Your coach can help you identify barriers to getting started, explain a variety of tools and techniques, assist you in evaluating which ones are best suited to your working style, and then help you get to work trying them out.

What happens between coaching sessions?

While virtual face-to-face sessions mean you can learn new tools, modify approaches, and reflect with your coach, the real work often happens when you’re putting new tools, apps, and strategies to use outside of live sessions. That’s why our coaches stay in communication with you via text, email or phone call -- whichever method you prefer -- to check in on how things are going, offer encouragement, and provide problem-solving support as you strengthen your skills.

How often do I meet with my coach and how long are the sessions?

Consistency is the key to your progress in just about anything - fitness goals, better health, and yes - executive function skills, too! That’s why we emphasize a commitment to the coaching process through planned weekly sessions that typically last 45-minutes. Each week, you’ll build on the previous weeks’ work with your coach as you lock-in the new habits and skills you’re building.

"My biggest challenge when I started coaching was my inability to organize, which led to me feeling overwhelmed by not getting to the work I needed to do. After working with my coach, I have an easier time moving things from my head into an external organizational system and I don't panic as much. I'm feeling more confident at work and less stressed at home."

- Sarah, NYC


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