Planning and Prioritizing problems

Learn how to establish priorities.,plan essential steps.,keep projects moving.,be prepared.

The ability to plan and prioritize your responsibilities is essential in a demanding environment. Difficulties in this area often point back to underlying executive function challenges.


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Learn to plan for your priorities

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been grinding away at a project at work for the past few weeks, and it’s coming to a close. You’re also working on plans for a family vacation in a few months, volunteering for a local food drive, supporting your son memorizing his lines for a school play, and engaging with contractors who are working on the guest bathroom renovation. To say you’re feeling taxed with tasks is an understatement. Some days, it feels like you have too many plans that all seem important, and it’s hard to figure out where to start and how to devote your energy. On Monday, you get wrapped up in your work project and are late for your shift running the food drive. On Thursday, you’re scrolling online looking for new bathroom lighting to order when your son reminds you that you promised to help him with his lines today. Figuring out how to prioritize among tasks and plan working time accordingly sometimes seems impossible. 

Prioritizing and planning are the foundation for successful self-management 

Consequences of poor planning and prioritizing

Failure to adequately prioritize among tasks and plan for their completion can lead to a host of consequences for you -- and for others around you:

  • Your health becomes compromised as you live in a continued state of stress about how to get everything done that needs to be done 
  • Inappropriately prioritizing some tasks over others can lead to relationship conflicts between coworkers and family members who are negatively affected by your choices
  • Ineffective planning to complete tasks can lead to your to produce incomplete or late work, putting your job at risk and leading to conflicts at home 

How do worksmart coaches help clients with planning and prioritizing problems?

Coaches help to identify and customize tools for you, depending upon your preferences and specific challenges. From making a specific plan to use new strategies and tools to following up with you to increase accountability for the improvements you want to see, our coaches will reflect with you to identify wins, understand roadblocks, and revise plans to help you move towards success. Our coaches can support you in developing strategies for planning and prioritizing by:

  • Developing methods for prioritizing among competing tasks 
  • Implementing appropriate strategies for planning that fit your working style and habits
  • Exploring techniques for tracking productivity to help you stick to the plan once you’ve set it in motion