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Executive function coaching for adults can unlock your full potential.

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What is executive function?

If you're struggling with your performance at work or with maintaining a healthy work-life balance, it could be the result of executive function challenges. Your ability to be productive, reliable, accountable, organized, focused, and calm hinges on your personal toolkit of self-management (executive functioning) skills. 

common executive function challenges in adults

Time Management

Managing your time, planning your work and life, and prioritizing what you do are some of the most valuable executive function skills an effective person can posses.


Organized people have systems in place to keep their lives running smoothly. Many adults struggle to maintain order in their personal and professional lives, which takes a toll in lost time and wasted effort.

evidence-based coaching

73% of adults saw improvement in their time management skills in only 4 months

We conducted a 16-week study of over 60 adults who used our coaching program. Data on their initial executive function skills were reported before they began coaching, then again after 16 weeks of coaching. We saw statistically significant improvement in all executive function categories, in as little as 4 months. On average, our WorkSmart clients saw at least a 53% improvement in their time management, plan management, organization, and behavioral regulation.

After working with my coach, I have an easier time moving things from my head into an external organizational system and I don't panic as much.
New York City
Thank you for delivering a valuable service and specifically Laurie for her coaching and her kindness. Laurie went above and beyond through this process. She was supportive and extremely knowledgeable.
Lexington, MA
I have been so blown away by my coach Tamara. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. Coaching has been making a great impact in my life, thanks for all you do!
Miami, FL

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