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Our coaches are experienced.,invested.,compassionate.,results-driven.



Coaches aren’t just for athletes. Our coaches help you strengthen and condition your executive functioning, supporting you in achieving professional and personal success.

The WorkSmart Coach


Our coaches reflect our core belief in the power of individuals to change their habits and improve their lives.

WorkSmart coaches have master’s degrees or higher and have a track record of success working with adults like you. Many also have experience working as educators or therapists. In other words, they've dedicated their professional lives to helping people learn, grow, and be their very best.


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Our Qualification Process

Our coaching qualification checklist


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An essential feature of our coaching team is compassion. Our coaches know that breaking unhelpful habits, building successful habits, trying out new tools, and improving your executive function skills take time. They know this because they, too, continually work to strengthen their own executive function capabilities. Knowing what it’s like to prioritize their own self-improvement makes them ideally suited to support you in that same endeavor.

Our coaches know when to encourage, when to push, and when to pause and reflect with you so that the journey of improvement works best for you.



Employers, we can help you make the most of your staff through 1:1 coaching. Please contact us to learn more.