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What is life like for an adult with executive dysfunction?

By Justice Abbott on Feb 1, 2023 1:32:18 PM

I’ve recently heard about executive function skills because my child was just diagnosed with ADHD. I don’t really know much about it but I suspect I have trouble in this area, too. I would love to hear any examples you might have of what executive dysfunction in a working adult can actually look like. I want to get assistance with my challenges but I just want to know more about them before taking any action.

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I've made my resolutions... now what?

By Justice Abbott on Jan 17, 2023 12:10:25 PM

It's the new year and I did what all the commercials and pop culture have told me to do... I've created a New Year's resolution list. It feels good to have established lofty goals for myself this year but now I feel pretty stuck on how to actually achieve them. Most of my goals involve improving my organization and time management methods because - well, let's just say I'm not exactly great at that stuff. Establishing the goals feels like the first step in the right direction but I need help with actually making sure I do the work.

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How do I know if I need a therapist or a coach?

By Justice Abbott on Mar 31, 2022 11:56:38 AM

I've been feeling depressed lately, partly because I'm overwhelmed at work, but mainly because I have a lot going on in my home life. My negative mental state has started to affect my organizational skills and my job performance and I'm worried that my boss will start to notice. I need help, but I'm not sure who the right professional for me is.

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