So, I get the whole executive coaching thing but I'm not an executive, yet. Why would I need to work on my executive function skills before then? When I advance in my career, then I'll need them, right?

We've got lots to unpack, here! First, it's awesome that you're showing an interest in working on your executive function skills... that's always a step in the right direction. However, you've made an all too common mistake, that being that executive function coaching and executive coaching are the same thing. While the two sound extremely similar, they are actually coaching you on two completely different things.

Executive coaching is designed to help develop your leadership skills as they relate to your career. This type of coaching is usually beneficial for people in management roles as it helps them to become more effective through knowledge and opportunities.

On the other hand, executive function coaching teaches you how to organize, plan, prioritize, manage time, maintain focus, self-assess, and work efficiently. Essentially, executive function coaching is aimed at strengthening your executive function skills. Executive function skills are your self-management skills - or put another way, your "get stuff done" abilities. Self-management skills are increasingly important in today's complex world with tons of distractions and competing priorities. Working on these skills will equip you to navigate the challenges of your work and home life.

So, working on your executive function skills now can certainly help the process of advancing in your career as you'll have a stronger understanding of how to manage your time, organize your thoughts and spaces, be productive, manage stress, and so much more! Once you do land that executive role, who knows, you might want to consider an executive coach to perfect those leadership skills. But remember, executive function skills can always be worked on... even after you attain your professional goals.

Justice Abbott

Written by Justice Abbott

Justice Abbott is a Content Marketing Associate for Beyond BookSmart, contributing to the marketing department’s efforts to promote executive function skills as a pathway to confidence and personal success. Prior to joining the Beyond BookSmart team, Justice was as a Marketing Assistant for Germono Advertising Company, working closely with small businesses to redirect their social media marketing efforts and increase brand awareness. She’s earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Towson University, with a writing concentration.