I've recently graduated from college and have started to apply for jobs but I can't seem to stay focused and prioritize the job application process. I had similar issues throughout my college career, where I'd oftentimes miss classes, show up late, or forget to do assignments altogether. I was told these were executive function challenges, and I'm seeing these same challenges persist into my adult life. I think I may need an EF coach, but I've never seen any data or evidence backing up the work coaches claim to do. Why would I waste my time with coaching if there aren't any proven results?

It's natural to feel skeptical about something new, especially when you're someone who needs to see evidence before buying into things. That's why we've conducted a 16-week efficacy study to explore the effects of EF coaching on adults struggling with executive function challenges, like you.

We reported on 62 of our Executive Function coaching clients aged 21 to 65 years old, who consistently attended coaching sessions between June 2020 and March of 2022. Our research team used a 25-item questionnaire known as the ESQ-R that was completed by these clients before they began coaching, and then again at the 16-week mark. We measured the changes that occurred in their planning, time management, organization, emotional regulation, and behavior regulation skills.

Our research concluded that adults enrolled in EF coaching for this 16-week study saw statistically significant improvements in all categories. Here's a quick overview:

  • 72.6% of our adult clients saw improvement in their time management skills after EF coaching
  • 67.7% of our adult clients saw improvement in their plan management skills after EF coaching
  • 69.3% of our adult clients saw improvement in their overall EF skills after coaching

While these results reflect EF improvements after just 16 weeks of coaching, the journey doesn't end there. Most of our adult clients stick with coaching for several months (and oftentimes the better part of a year), as they work to solidify their newfound approaches to self-management. Why? Because backsliding into old habits can be very easy without an accountability partner to help you navigate life's challenges during this skill-building period.

When you're ready to select the support that's best for you, be sure to ask tough questions like the one you sent us! We're proud to have the research to back up the value of our work. (Download the full report on our study of students and adults here.)

Justice Abbott

Written by Justice Abbott

Justice Abbott is a Content Marketing Associate for Beyond BookSmart, contributing to the marketing department’s efforts to promote executive function skills as a pathway to confidence and personal success. Prior to joining the Beyond BookSmart team, Justice was as a Marketing Assistant for Germono Advertising Company, working closely with small businesses to redirect their social media marketing efforts and increase brand awareness. She’s earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Towson University, with a writing concentration.