Evidence-informed methods

Evidence-backed methods

we use the research behind the science of behavior change to help you build better habits


Tools and approaches that are proven effective

At WorkSmart Coaching, we have over 16 years' worth of research into the most up-to-date and effective tools for our clients. That means your coach has hundreds of resources at their fingertips to help you improve your ability to self-manage. You name the Executive Function challenge, we have a solution that’s been successful hundreds of times for clients like you.

A proven approach to changing your behavior

Our approach to Executive Function coaching is based on the Transtheoretical Model, also known as the Stages of Change (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983; Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992). With well over 30 years of proven effectiveness with adults, this model guides how we help you move from just thinking about changing your life to actually embracing and enjoying the benefits of your new habits.

Our coaches are extensively trained in a deep understanding of the science behind behavior change. We are ready to help adults with Executive Function challenges shift their perspective and transform themselves.

NEW evidence to support the effectiveness of coaching

Download our recent report on improvements our adult clients made during their first 16 weeks of coaching.

Evidence for coaching


Read what Dr. Janice Prochaska, former CEO of Pro-Change Behavior Systems, said about our ground-breaking methodology

Janice Prochaska, PhD

"We were very impressed when Michael Delman and his staff came to the Cancer Prevention Center at the University of Rhode Island and Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. to share with us how they apply the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change to coaching people with executive functioning difficulties. How good it is to see the Model being used effectively.”

Dr. Janice Prochaska, PhD




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