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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are executive function skills, and how do they relate to success?

    Executive function is the set of self-management skills that help people achieve goals. In order to effectively meet the challenges of ever-increasing work and life demands, people must be able to manage their emotions and attention, organize and plan their work and time, and reflect upon and revise their tactics as circumstances change. Our goal is to help individuals become more effective by teaching skills that apply well beyond the current challenges faced. Coaches use real-life situations from life or work as vehicles to build these executive function skills.

  • Who benefits from coaching?

    We work with many adults who are struggling to manage their work, due to ADHD, diagnosed executive function deficits, or other learning differences. These adults are often frustrated and discouraged, especially when their challenges are perceived as laziness. Most of the people we work with are very bright but haven’t been taught the tools and strategies required to achieve success. Our coaches provide the encouragement, strategies, and insight one needs to become more effective and more confident in life.

  • How much does executive function coaching with WorkSmart Coaching cost?

    Our executive function coaching program starts at $165 per session. You receive 1:1 online personalized coaching with a highly trained coach matched to your needs in weekly 45 or 60-minute sessions. 

  • What are your coaches' qualifications?

    Our coaches must have a master's degree and experience working successfully 1:1 with adults. They must undergo a rigorous vetting and training process and pass our comprehensive exam to be an executive function coach with WorkSmart Coaching. Coaches receive ongoing supervision and professional development through our Professional Development Team. 

  • Where do coaching sessions typically take place?

    Coaching sessions are held via video conference from wherever will be most conducive to focused 1:1 work.

  • Why coach online?

    Online coaching provides greater flexibility for scheduling. Clients can work with their coach in the safety and convenience of their own home or office.

  • How long does the coaching process typically take?

    The coaching process is transformative and takes time. Many clients are learning entirely different ways of viewing themselves and discovering their own motivation, often for the first time. Beyond skill-building, we’re helping individuals to take responsibility for their life’s direction. For work at this level, coaching can take many months, depending on one’s readiness for change and the scope of their needs. Progress is dependent on several variables such as how motivated the individual is, how self-aware they are, how narrow or broad the goals are, and how long the challenges have been present. A highly motivated but disorganized person may need just a short time to learn, practice, and internalize a new plan for managing their daily life. By contrast, a person who is easily frustrated, struggles with attention, and doesn’t know how to get work done on time might need more time to learn the specific skills they will need and to apply them independently. Our goal is to help clients achieve confidence, competence, and independence as quickly as possible. Our reputation is built on that premise.

  • When are coaching sessions scheduled?

    Weekly coaching sessions can be scheduled with your coach on any day and time that works best for you (including weekends.)

  • How will you measure progress?

    WorkSmart Coaching has developed a secure online portal that clients can access to view priorities, tools, and strategies addressed in coaching sessions. Coaches also include assessments in two areas: mindset and mastery of a particular skill. We track progress along both of these lines. Clients can see notes regarding session highlights and the degree of mastery of different tools in the portal.

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